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Replenish hydration and help support improved skin health and appearance with this clinically-tested formula. Developed in collaboration with skin health professionals, Colorescience Barrier Pro™ Essential Moisturizer helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, support and balance the microbiome, and refine texture with an expertly formulated, patent-pending ingredient blend, resulting in a more plumped, vibrant, healthy, and youthful appearance.

Bring back a better barrier. Step back from the reactive cycle of damage and repair and evolve to maintain barrier health every day with Colorescience Barrier Pro™ collection. Our Essential Moisturizer goes beyond hydration and provides complementary barrier health by supporting the skin's microbiome balance, replenishing skin, and preparing it to better defend itself with improved response to environmental aggressors. The result is plumper, smoother, stronger, and healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

Barrier Pro™ Essential Moisturizer

  • + Emollient cream melts into skin and immediately envelops and nourishes with soothing moisture
    + Light, velvety finish without the heavy weight
    + Tri-molecular hyaluronic acid provides multi-layer hydration
    + Improves skin’s ability to attract and retain hydration
    + Nourishes dry, patchy, or flaky skin with soothing moisture
    + Prepares skin to respond to exposure to indoor and outdoor light, including UV and HEV (blue) light, and continues to improve resilience and adaptive response over time
    + Prepares skin for optimal sunscreen application
    + Supports good bacteria for a stable, balanced microbiome to promote skin integrity and quality, resulting in improved appearance of smooth and supple skin
    + Soothes skin with calming botanicals
    + Advanced antioxidants neutralize free radicals to prevent from visible skin damage
    + Layers well over treatment products and under sunscreen and makeup
    + Oil-free, non-comedogenic, non-greasy, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, vegan

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